Thoughts on Ellicott City and how you can help

We all have been saddened by the flooding in Ellicott City. The loss of life is tragic. Those who lost their business, their jobs and their homes are a humanitarian disaster. Thank you to the many people who have stepped forward to help. And, more will need to be done.

Below are links for the best way to channel your generosity and support for our friends, neighbors and colleagues who have been devastated.

The Community Foundation of Howard County has stepped up to handle the donations to assist with relief efforts. I serve on the Community Foundation board of directors and the staff there has been extraordinary as they worked during the holiday, weekends and late nights to help with the funding of relief efforts.

As a member of the board of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce, I participated in a discussion last week about business strategies for Old Ellicott City. The meeting is a beginning point. When the time is right to re-think, re-imagine and re-build Ellicott City the Chamber’s expertise will be valuable.

In a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, my friend Tim Lattimer talked about #ECSMART, not just
#ECSTRONG. We will need wisdom, insight and courage as we address the future of OEC. It’s not helpful to point fingers and assign blame for the past, but we will need to come to grips with over development, climate change and extraordinary weather events as Old Ellicott City moves forward.

One more thought: I am disappointed that a few candidates are using the flood for their campaign. A community tragedy is no place for politics.

Howard County Community Relief Fund

Volunteer for Disaster Recovery

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