The Journey Continues

A number of people have asked me to share my post campaign thoughts which I can summarize in six words: thank you, thank you, thank you.

For more than 13 months, I had the privilege of meeting with people, sharing my views and, most importantly, listening. I was blessed to meet thousands of people who spoke their mind, expressed their fears and shared their dreams. Thank you to everyone who opened the door, answered the phone, attended a house party and came to a forum. You make this a great community.

Meeting candidates – local, state and national –was an inspiring, unforgettable bonding experience. I learned from many candidates about issues and new perspectives. Thank you for running for office. Like me, many of you did not win your primary but I hope you continue community service. For all who did receive enough votes to move on to the general election, I extend my congratulations to each of you.

For all who volunteered, my deepest thanks. We were more than a campaign, we were a community that worked toward a shared goal. I am humbled by how many people stepped up to share their time, talent and expertise. To each one of you, I owe a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid. Thank you for your faith in me. I did my best to live up to your expectations.

My family were rock stars in the face of negativity and innuendo. A special word of thanks to Patti. Her unwavering support and tireless efforts, even when she was heckled and bullied, kept me going. Words cannot express how much having her by my side meant.

So, what’s next? While I learned a lot about campaigning and hardball politics, I didn’t need to learn how to care, how to work hard or how to sacrifice for a greater good. My commitment to public service will continue. Possibly, there will be an announcement about that soon.

I am grateful for the friendships that the campaign produced. The journey continues. I look forward to seeing many of you along the trail. Onward and upward.



Thank you for stopping by.  Our campaign is about you and your concerns.

I have been pleased to meet so many people who are concerned about the future of our communities, schools and state.

With your support and vote, I will be a new voice in the Maryland House of Delegates in District 9B.
–Dan Medinger, Democrat, District 9B


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Dan’s Recent Endorsements, Distinctions and Certifications


Jim Robey is a former Howard County Executive and majority leader of the Maryland Senate.


The Maryland Sierra Club’s political program is dedicated to electing clean air, clean water and climate action champions across the state of Maryland. Read more…


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for new and stronger solutions to lax gun laws and loopholes.


The People’s Voice Ethics Star’s primary focus is placed on evaluating a candidate’s perceived objectivity to make decisions in the position sought without the appearance of any conflicts of interest. We place emphasis on issues that affect quality of life for all residents.


Represent Maryland volunteers have formed a “Small Money Commission” to certify candidates for public office who are only taking money from Represent Maryland approved small money sources.

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Democratic Primary – June 26, 2018

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Why Women Support Dan for House of Delegates




Daniel’s Resolutions


Dan is grateful for the many women who have joined his campaign. In this video, you can learn why so many women say “I’m with Dan!”

• Dan supports a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and will work to protect funding for Planned Parenthood.
• Dan supports equal pay for equal work. As a small business owner, he has made sure that his company treats all employees equally.
• Dan will fight for paid time off and adequate family leave for all workers - policies he already has in place at his family business.
• Dan will fight for affordable child care and universal pre-K in our schools.
• As a business owner and CEO, Dan has made sure that the work place was diverse, fair and just. No one should be harassed in their work place.


Dan is an active board member of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce and as a leader in Annapolis, Dan will propose incentives for small businesses and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams of owning a business. For those who are seeking good jobs, Dan will fight for equal pay for equal work and for a level playing field, so all Marylanders can succeed.


As a leader in Annapolis, Dan will support our professional educators who take on the mission of preparing the next generation. Dan will work to make pre-K available – because we know the benefits of early childhood education echo for a lifetime. Dan will fight to get $700 million in funds from state-sponsored gambling added to the education budget. In 2017, Dan served on the Operating Budget Review Committee for Howard County Public Schools. He also will advocate for creation of a $24 million fund to reimburse teachers who use their personal funds to purchase classroom supplies.


Dan will be a champion for programs that encourage “aging in community.” Our seniors have dedicated their lives to building up our communities. Dan wants to help seniors to live, work and play in Maryland and keep our families together. Dan will fight for a property tax system that makes sense. No one should be taxed out of their home. Dan will promote adequate health care, transportation and recreation services that seniors need.


Dan will be a champion for our environment. He will stand up to polluters and science deniers to make sure that our air, water and land is livable for today and future generations Dan knows that the future of our environment hangs in the balance due to changes proposed by our current President. As a leader in Annapolis, Dan will advocate for “common sense,” sustainable development. Dan is a member of the Sierra Club, the Rural Maryland Council and the Farm Bureau of Howard County. Dan will fight for:

• Forest Conservation: The Forest Conservation Act is not living up to expectations. Dan will advocate prioritizing protection of contiguous forests that provide intact forest ecosystems and improving replanting formulas and existing mitigation systems such as forest banking.

• 2018 Clean Energy Jobs Initiative: Transitioning fossil fuel-generated carbon emissions is a serious need. Dan will support policies that will increase the renewable electricity standard to 50 percent by 2030. He will support provisions for investing in workforce development in the renewable energy industry and supporting “Made in America” products. He also will initiate a study to see how Maryland will reach a goal of 100 percent renewable energy.


Dan will protect everyone’s right to follow their dreams. Dan is a board member of Rebuilding Together Howard County, which helps elderly and needy persons live in homes that are “safe, warm and dry.” As a founding member of the Housing Center for Columbia, which encourages “intentional integration,” Dan has a vision for providing equity for all members of our community.


Proud to be supported by those who keep us safe, Dan will make sure that our responders have the resources they need to keep our communities a safe place to live, work and play.


Dan knows that government must do a better job of delivering services. He will work for innovation and empowerment of state employees. Dan’s experience managing change in the workplace will be valuable to find more cost effective and efficient ways to deliver public services. Dan agrees with President Obama that the politicians shouldn’t be picking the voters. He will oppose gerrymandering and advocate for special elections instead of appointing members to the legislature. Dan has had a long career in media and he will use that experience to increase awareness and trust in our government.


Dan will be campaigning about issues and ideas important to our future. As member of the board of the Community Foundation of Howard County, Dan has worked to fund projects that provide a “hand up” to those in need in our community while advocating for long term solutions to social challenges.


Dan has been active in our community. He raised his family here. He knows our community and our community knows him. He can be trusted to represent you in Annapolis.


It is startling that the religion issue has been raised in the campaign for 9B. I am sharing the presentation made by John F. Kennedy in 1960, which I thought had settled this issue.

If there are questions, please feel free to ask me directly by phone (443-286-4317) or email (

Onward and upward.


A lifelong Democrat, Dan has been an active leader in the Democratic party, serving as president of the Ellicott City Western Howard Democratic Club. In 2016, he was honored to be selected as “Democrat of the Year” in Howard County.


Many people believe that we need change and that means we need new people with progressive ideas to get better results. Dan is the strongest and best advocate for our community on the issues that we care about.

Also, Dan is most likely to be elected and to flip District 9B (Ellicott City) from Red to Blue.


Dan knows that a key to the economic future is building a 21st century transportation system. All of us suffer from too many delays standing still on major roads. With congestion growing faster than roads can be built and widened, it’s time that we got serious about mass transit and develop a measurable system that gets people where they want to go and removes cars from our roadways. Dan will collaborate with others to plan a mass transit system that is reliable, affordable, safe, convenient and comfortable.


All Marylanders deserve the right to quality affordable and accessible health care. Even before the Affordable Care Act, Maryland successfully expanded access to affordable health care to hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

It’s time to push toward a single payer system that provides health care for all. It is essential for fairness, equity and so that more Marylanders have the long-term security that they deserve.


Gun violence is a public health crisis in need of immediate redress and the best way to prevent gun violence is to reduce the number of guns in society, improve tracking of those guns, and to ensure that all gun owners meet legal requirements of gun ownership. Dan's recommendations include:

• Enforce all existing laws
• Improve database for gun purchases
• Eliminate "Weapons of War"
• Reduce self inflicted harm
• Change the Supreme Court