Thank you for stopping by. Our campaign began last autumn and I have been pleased to meet so many people who are concerned about the future of our communities, schools and state.
With your support and vote, I will be a new voice in the Maryland Senate for District 9. Onward and upward!
Daniel Medinger, Democrat, District 9

Daniel’s Resolutions


As a business owner, Dan knows the importance of good paying jobs. All of the jobs that Dan creates are right here in Howard County and Maryland. He has plans to make Maryland the best state in America for jobs and business.


Endorsed by Howard County and Carroll County educators, Dan is a leading advocate for our public schools.


Proud to be endorsed by those who keep us safe, including the Howard County Firefighters, Dan will make sure that our communities are a safe place to live, work and play.


Endorsed by environmentalists, Dan will make sure that our water, air and land are protected for today and future generations.


Dan has proposals to help our senior citizens stay in their homes and live in our county and keep our families together.


Dan has campaigned about ideas important to our future. Dan will fight to protect the rights and dignity of all women, children and men. Equality is a strength of our community and Dan will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams.


Dan Medinger has been active in our community. He raised his family here. He knows our community and our community knows him. He can be trusted to represent you in Annapolis.

Daniel Medinger is Endorsed by:

        howard county education association